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When Should My Child Start Preparing For The Selective Schools Test?

The short answer is “as soon as possible!” The test takes place in term 3 of year 8, so the sooner your child begins preparing and planning ahead for this test, the more likely they will be of gaining entrance to the school of their choice. For more information on what to do and when, have a look at the following timeline.

Year 7, Term 1 & 2:

Year 7 is the time to figure out which selective schools you want your child to apply for, There are currently four selective entry high schools in Victoria for students in years 9 to 12. These are MacRobertson Girls’ High School, Melbourne High School, Susan Cory High School and Nossal High School. It is a good idea to have a close look at their websites as soon as possible to see which school is right for your child.

Whether or not your child already attends classes at Spectrum Tuition, now is also the best time to discuss their options with one of our staff. We can provide a free assessment to gauge your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing useful advice on how our sessions can help to prepare your child for the challenging task ahead. Though our Selective Schools Test Preparation classes commence in term 3, we advise students who plan to take this class to attend English and Maths classes in term 1 and 2 at a year 8 level, so ensure that they have all the necessary skills to keep up with the coursework provided in our Test Preparation classes.

Year 7, Term 3:

In term 3, we commence our 40-week Scholarship Exam Preparation course. The classes cover the six main areas that students will be tested on in their exams, numerical reasoning, mathematic skills, reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, narrative writing and persuasive writing, as well as providing advice on how to work effectively under test conditions. To ensure that your child is getting the most out of these classes, try to make sure they are enrolled from the first week of term 3!

Year 8, Term 1:

In mid-February, applications open for the Selective Schools exam. Application is nice and easy because it is centralised by the Victorian Department of Education. To sign your child up for the exam, simply go to their website. Applications usually close mid-May. When applying, students are required to indicate their preference of selective schools, so it is important that you carefully consider which school you want to attend before applying.

Year 8, Term 2:

With the test fast approaching, this is the time that your child should begin sitting some practice exams. Our exam packs offer great value. They can be purchased at Our exam packs contain up to three full length exam papers and worked solutions (see our Advanced and Ultimate packs). Also, if you purchase our Ultimate package you’ll receive 4 essays reviewed and corrected by a member of our selective schools team.

Year 8, Term 3:

Students will sit their Selective Schools entrance tests in term 3, usually in June. If your child is enrolled in our Selective Schools Test Preparation course, classes will continue in term 3 right up to their exams. By this point, each class will consist primarily of practice exams, aimed to give your child as much experience as possible before their actual test.

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