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What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can make payment numerous ways.

  1. Cash: You can make a cash payment for your classes on the day you start at the administration desk of any of our centres.
  2. Cheque: We also accept cheques. Cheques should be made payable to “Spectrum Tuition Pty Ltd”.
  3. Direct Debit: We are also able to direct debit your account. To do this you’ll need to fill out a direct debit authorisation form which available from our administration desk at any of our centres. Please note, to fill out this form you need to provide us with your BSB and Account Number.
  4. Credit Card: We also accept all major credit cards. Please note that there is a surcharge associated with credit card payments. For Visa and Mastercard payments it is currently 2.2% + $1.35 and for Dinner Club and AMEX it is 4.4% + $1.35. To make payment via credit card you’ll need to fill out a credit card authorisation form which is available at the administration desk at any of our centres.

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