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What Options Do You Offer For Students Preparing For The Selective Schools Exam?

The best form of preparation depends on your child’s current level. We offer a variety of different options to help students prepare for the selective schools exam.

Where To Start

We’d always recommend starting with a FREE assessment at one of 3 campuses. From there we can narrow down the options and provide you with advice specific to your child’s current level.

Option 1 – Exam Packs For Those Needing A Little Further Help

If your child is well along the path in the preparation process and only needs some additional questions to practice their skills, our exam packs offer great value. They can be purchased at

Our exam packs contain up to three full length exam papers and worked solutions (see our Advanced and Ultimate packs). Also, if you purchase our Ultimate package you’ll receive 4 essays reviewed and corrected by a member of our selective schools team.

Option 2 – Classes For Those Who Need Help With The Mathematics And English Component

If your child still needs some guidance in relation to both the mathematics and English components of the exam taking up classes with us is a great option. Our selective schools preparation classes run on Saturday and Sunday (depending on which campus is closest to you). Our classes provide all the skills that your child will need to excel on the Selective Schools exam, as well as providing Mathematics and English skills that will help them get ahead in their regular classes.

Further details about timing of classes can be found HERE and pricing details can be found HERE.

Option 3 – Private Tutoring For Those Who Need Help With Specific Areas

A final alternative maybe to have your child take up private tutoring sessions with us. These provide great value for students who have very specific weaknesses that need to be addressed before the exam. Again, this is more aimed at students who are at a fairly high level. Our private tutoring sessions are run from our offices in Maribyrnong.

Further details regarding private tutoring can be found HERE


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