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What Is The Purpose Of The Entrance Test?

Before enrolling in one of our classes, each of our students is required to sit a free entrance test. This test is designed to give us a clear indication of each student’s abilities, skills and experience. We use this information to ensure that students are placed in an appropriate class, and that their tutor has all the necessary information required to give each student effective personalised attention.

Most students are required to sit a test for both English and Maths. Each test runs for roughly an hour and covers a vast range of topics and difficulty levels. To ensure that all students are placed in the right class, we test across a number of year levels. This means, for example, that students from years 5-8, regardless of age, will all sit the same test, so that we can see which questions they are confident with and which topics they have yet to master. We use this information to ensure that your child is placed in a class that is challenging, but not too difficult.

What To Expect From The Entrance Test:

Students should take close to an hour to complete each test. Students who wish to attend classes in both English and Maths should set aside roughly 2 hours to complete their tests. The only thing that students need to bring along is a pencil, an eraser and, if they wish, a drink. Spare pencils and erasers can be provided if necessary. As the test is intended solely to assess the student’s strength and weaknesses, is it not necessary or beneficial that students study for the test in advance.

Because the test takes up a reasonably amount of time, you are welcome to drop your child off for their test and pick them up when they have finished. If you plan to do so, please provide us with your contact details on the day so we can contact you if your child finishes early.

Once the test is complete, we sit down with both the student and the parents and discuss the results. We provide advice on the areas that the student needs to focus on and the things that they can do to improve in the future. These discussions are a great way of helping parents understand how they, and how we, can help their child achieve success.

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