Who Are Your Tutors?

Our tutors are all top performing VCE students, with many achieving ENTERs of 99 and above. We select charismatic leaders to teach our classes, people who take the time to learn about your child and his unique situation. Many of our tutors are working towards advanced degrees. They are passionate about education, and it shows in the way they present our materials. Click here to see staff profiles, or read this article about why we think university students make the best tutors!

Where Are You Located?

We currently have three conveniently located centres around Melbourne:

Footscray North Primary School (Footscray)

Albion Primary School (Sunshine)

The Grange (Hoppers Crossing)

What Subjects Do You Offer?

We specialise in VCE tuition in English, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, Physics & Biology. We also have classes in English & Mathematics from Year 1 to Year 10 as well as test preparation classes for students preparing for scholarship and selective schools entry.

I’ve Forgotten My Password

Generally, your my.spectrumtuition.com password is your home phone number or the phone number you gave us during your enrolment.

However, if this doesn’t work just send us an email at enquiries@spectrumtuition.com and we’ll reset your password for you!

How Do I Find Out How My Child’s Been Performing In Class?

My Spectrum allows parents to monitor their child’s progress and attendance. In fact may of our students also use it to benchmark their results – from this they are able to check how much they have improved!

To log in you simply need to go to myspectrumtuition.com

When you arrive at the site you’ll be offered three options. If you’re a student you’ll want to log in as a “Family”. Once you’ve selected this option you’ll need to enter your user ID, password and you’ll need to select your location (i.e. the centre which you attend classes at).

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can make payment numerous ways.

  1. Cash: You can make a cash payment for your classes on the day you start at the administration desk of any of our centres.
  2. Cheque: We also accept cheques. Cheques should be made payable to “Spectrum Tuition Pty Ltd”.
  3. Direct Debit: We are also able to direct debit your account. To do this you’ll need to fill out a direct debit authorisation form which available from our administration desk at any of our centres. Please note, to fill out this form you need to provide us with your BSB and Account Number.
  4. Credit Card: We also accept all major credit cards. Please note that there is a surcharge associated with credit card payments. For Visa and Mastercard payments it is currently 2.2% + $1.35 and for Dinner Club and AMEX it is 4.4% + $1.35. To make payment via credit card you’ll need to fill out a credit card authorisation form which is available at the administration desk at any of our centres.