What Resources Are Available In Your Online Bookstore?

Our online digital bookstore is a place where you can purchase materials geared towards helping your child prepare for the selective entry accelerated learning program (SEALP or ALP) exam in May and the selective schools exam (for entry into Melbourne High, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School) in June. We also have many more titles planned for release over the next few months.

All materials available on the site are provided as digital books. This means that as soon as your payment is confirmed (which only takes a few minutes) you’ll be able to download your book and start studying. Check it out at http://spectrumlearning.com.au/

Do You Offer Any Science Classes?

We do not offer Science classes for grades Prep-10. This is because, at Spectrum Tuition, our primary focus is on providing excellent support in Maths and English. We believe that the skills required for these subjects are at the core of everything that students learn at school. However, in order to support the specific needs of our VCE students, we offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes for VCE student in year 11 or 12.

If your child is in year 10 and wishes to get a preview of what to expect in VCE science before choosing their subjects, they are welcome to enrol in one of our year 11 science classes. Just keep in mind that the class will be taught at a year 11 level.

Tell Me More About Your Selective Schools Preparation Classes

We provide group classes aimed at helping students prepare for the Victoiran selective schools exam.

Our Victorian selective schools exam classes are split into a mathematics and English class. Each is designed to help students prepare for the the various aspects of the exam. Specifically, in our mathematics class we focus on the following components:

– mathematics; and

– numerical reasoning.

While in the English class we focus on the following components:

– verbal reasoning;
– reading comprehension; and
– writing (persuasive and narrative).

We highly recommend that students take both classes to hone their skills on both fronts. This is regardless of their current level.

What Subjects Do You Offer?

We specialise in VCE tuition in English, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, Physics & Biology. We also have classes in English & Mathematics from Year 1 to Year 10 as well as test preparation classes for students preparing for scholarship and selective schools entry.