Tell Me More About Your Selective Schools Preparation Classes

We provide group classes aimed at helping students prepare for the Victoiran selective schools exam.

Our Victorian selective schools exam classes are split into a mathematics and English class. Each is designed to help students prepare for the the various aspects of the exam. Specifically, in our mathematics class we focus on the following components:

– mathematics; and

– numerical reasoning.

While in the English class we focus on the following components:

– verbal reasoning;
– reading comprehension; and
– writing (persuasive and narrative).

We highly recommend that students take both classes to hone their skills on both fronts. This is regardless of their current level.

How Do I Enrol?

Enrolling in classes is really easy.

If you’re a new student

Before you start classes with us we recommend completing one of our FREE assessments. Completing a FREE assessment will not only provide you with great feedback on how your child is progressing; but it will also allow us to determine which class would best suit your child’s level of knowledge.

After we discuss with you what classes would be most suited to helping your child improve or accelerate their level of knowledge. We’ll enrol them and get them started in classes as soon as possible (usually the next weekend).

If you’d like to book a FREE assessment online simply click HERE.

Once you enrol in classes you’ll also need to make payment for your child’s classes. To see our latest prices simply click HERE.

If you’re a returning student

All you’ll need to do is either come into one of our centres and one of our friendly admin staff will be able to assist you in re-enrolling your child. Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 668 177.

What Materials Do You Need For Our Classes?

We provide our students with course booklets for each subject and year level.

Other recommended materials include:

  • 1 x Notebook/ exercise book for each subject
  • Blue/ black pens, pencils
  • 1x Red pen
  • 1x Eraser
  • 1x Ruler
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Display book for additional handouts
  • Calculator (scientific calculator needed for students from Year 9-12)

Will Students Need To Complete Any Additional Homework?

Yes, homework is set for students every week. It is important for students to reinforce what they learn in class.

How Many Students Are In A Class?

Our classes have a maximum of 15 students. However, our classes average between 8 – 10 students.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

Our weekend operating hours are from 9:00am – 5:00pm. But you can always call us on our TOLL FREE number 1800 668 177.

Who Are Your Tutors?

Our tutors are all top performing VCE students, with many achieving ENTERs of 99 and above. We select charismatic leaders to teach our classes, people who take the time to learn about your child and his unique situation. Many of our tutors are working towards advanced degrees. They are passionate about education, and it shows in the way they present our materials. Click here to see staff profiles, or read this article about why we think university students make the best tutors!

Where Are You Located?

We currently have three conveniently located centres around Melbourne:

Footscray North Primary School (Footscray)

Albion Primary School (Sunshine)

The Grange (Hoppers Crossing)

What Subjects Do You Offer?

We specialise in VCE tuition in English, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, Physics & Biology. We also have classes in English & Mathematics from Year 1 to Year 10 as well as test preparation classes for students preparing for scholarship and selective schools entry.